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5 Reasons Your Sewer Line Gets Clogged

Sewer Line Repair

Experiencing a plumbing issue can be devastating for homeowners. These unexpected expenses can leave homeowners searching for answers. Therefore, it is a good idea to make sure that these plumbing issues are addressed quickly with the help of a trained plumber. Delaying the repair of a serious sewer line issue can lead to bigger bills down the road. Therefore, homeowners need to keep their eyes open for a few of the most common causes of clogged sewer lines.

1. Flushing Inappropriate Debris Down the Toilet

Some people treat their toilet like a garbage can and, like a garbage can, their toilet is going to eventually fill up. This comes in the form of a clogged sewer line. It is important for homeowners to remember that they should only flush human waste and toilet paper down the toilet. Some of the most common types of inappropriate debris that people flush down the toilet include diapers, paper towels, food, and garbage bags. This can lead to serious problems with the sewer line that could even cause the line to burst if this clog is not addressed quickly.

2. Dumping Grease Down the Sink in the Kitchen

Another common cause of a clogged sewer line is the grease that is dumped down the kitchen sink. Specifically, bacon grease is a common reason why sewer lines get clogged. Grease, fat, and oil are not soluble in water. This is why oil and water do not mix. The same thing happens in your sink. If you try to wash bacon grease (or other types of fat) down the sink, they will simply solidify in the bowels of your plumbing system. In some situations, this could take place in your sewer line, leading to a major clog. Instead, set bacon grease to the side (in a can) and throw it away later.

3. A Sagging Sewer Line

While this isn’t the fault of the homeowner, the soil on the property might start to sag over time. When the soil starts to sag, it can take the sewer line with it. This could cause the pipe to kink up like a hose. In other situations, this could also cause the pipe to break. This could cause the soil to enter the sewer line, leading to a block. This is why homeowners need to make sure that they get their sewer line inspected on a regular basis. That way, these clogs can be caught quickly.

4. Tree Roots Infiltrate the Sewer Line

One of the most common reasons why homeowners experience issues with their sewer lines has to do with tree roots. Tree roots will grow underground over time as the plant searches for a source of water. Of course, one potential source of water is found in the sewer line. Roots can infiltrate the sewer line quickly, breaking them open. Then, the tree roots can get in the water of the sewer system, leading to a clog. Therefore, homeowners who are planting trees need to make sure they are planted far from sewer lines.

5. External Sewer Line Damage

Finally, there is also acute damage that could take place involving the sewer line. For example, there might be a home improvement project taking place and someone digs into the ground, puncturing the sewer line. Before starting a home improvement project or any repair job, it is critical to look at the layout of the sewer line. It can be damaged if someone digs into the ground without looking for the sewer line first. If there are any problems with the sewer system, it is important to call a professional plumber for help.

Address Sewer Line Issues Quickly with a Professional Plumber

These are just a few of the most common reasons why a clog might develop involving the sewer line. For issues involving the sewer system, call a professional plumber for assistance.

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