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Sewer plumbing services include sewer lateral services, sewer line repair, sewer replacement and sewer cleaning

One of the significant investments you will ever make in your home will be maintaining your sewer system. Apart from it being a health hazard, leaky sewers are very unpleasant. Sewer line repairs and replacements are a requirement for when there is a problem with your sewer system.


What is the sewer line in a home, and what do they do for the home?

In most cases, every home is connected to the main sewer drain. A sewer line is a connection between your home drainage system and the main sewer drain. Your sewer line is located underground and probably passes through your yard.

Your bathrooms and toilets immediately drain into the sewer line. Due to the small size of the sewer line pipes, they tend to clog faster. This results in needing a sewer cleaning or a sewer line repair.

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What is a private sewer lateral? 

A private sewer lateral (PSL) is the pipe that connects the plumbing in a home or business to the sanitary sewer main, usually located in the street. The PSL carries sewage from a building to a public sanitary sewer. It is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain the sewer lateral.

Old, cracked sewer laterals allow rainwater and groundwater to infiltrate the sewer system. Excess water in the system can overwhelm wastewater treatment facilities, causing untreated or partially treated sewage to be released into the Bay. Fixing damaged PSLs helps protect the Bay.

EBMUD (PSL) Private Sewer Lateral ordinance

The new EBMUD (PSL) Private Sewer Lateral ordinance mandates that a sewer test must be performed on all properties, located in the EBMUD service area, involved in a real estate transaction and EBMUD sewer lateral certificate of compliance must be issued in order for the escrow to close.

An EBMUD PSL certificate is issued after the property has passed a pressure/water test that is viewed and inspected by the local city inspector and EBMUDs field inspector. EBMUD PSL certificates are valid for (7) seven years or (20) twenty years depending on the lateral being tested with no repairs versus tested with repairs. The only exceptions are condominiums. Other triggers which make an EBMUD PSL certificate necessary are renovations exceeding $100,000 and increasing the size of the water meter to a property.


How can a professional plumber help with leaky sewer lines and drains? 

Hiring the right plumber with the best credentials is essential. Professional plumbers have the knowledge and experience to diagnose where problems are located ad provide the appropriate sewer service.

How can I tell when there is a problem with the sewer line? 

When there is a significant problem with your sewer line, you will notice things like:

  • Terrible smells. Of course, wastewater does not smell pleasant. When you become aware of foul odors coming from your bathroom or toilet, it might be an indication of a leak or a major issue in your sewer line.
  • Wastewater backing up in your toilet or bathroom drainage. This is a severe sign of major sewer line blockage, not to mention it poses a health hazard to you and your family. It can also cause water damage to your floors.
  • Rodent infestations. Rodents like rats are attracted to waste material and may be drawn in by a leaky sewer drain.
  • Slow drainage. Your toilet and bathroom take a long while to drain fully.
  • The pooling of septic waste in your yard.
  • Sewer mold from leaks behind your wall.

Signs that you may need sewer plumbing services to repair or service the sewer line in your home. 

Apart from the signs we have mentioned above, you may need a professional plumber when you notice the following:

  • If your blockage and backups refuse to drain and your attempts at clearing the blockages have failed.
  • Slow drainage in all the drains in your home.
  • Soggy spots in your lawn indicating there is a burst sewer pipe under your yard.

Types of sewer plumbing services. 

There are two types of sewer line plumbing services.

  • Residential plumbing for the installation and repair of garbage disposal, bathrooms, toilets, sinks, septic tanks, drains, and sewer cleaning. Residential plumbing takes care of your whole plumbing system. Repairing and changing sewer lines as well as correcting small issues such as blockages is right up this alley. You will also be advised by the best plumbers on the best course of action for the maintenance of your plumbing.
  • Commercial plumbing for the detection and correction of underground leaks, sewer line repairs, backflow protection, automated drain care programs, and pipe replacement and repair. Drain cleaning products are also part of offering the best plumbing services. Commercial plumbing is effective in industries such as colleges and universities, restaurants, hospitals, and office buildings.
  • Z and Z plumbing is a Licensed Contractor specializing in Sewer Lateral inspections and repairs using the latest trenchless and CCTV video inspection technology.  Whether you need city compliance, experiencing ongoing problems with your sewer-line, or in the process of buying  or selling a home we are here to help you with your sewer Lateral needs.

Why you should always hire a professional plumber to provide sewer plumbing services for the sewer line of the property. 

Plumbers are trained in the latest technologies, as well as building codes and requirements when it comes to the sewer repair, service, and installation of your sewer lines and sewer plumbing system.

A quality plumbing system will save you on unnecessary water costs, not to mention you will be able to prepare your plumbing system depending on the approaching season.

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